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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do I Need To Get A Website?Open or Close

    Getting your company, business or organisation a website can seem like a daunting task! However it does not need to be. There are three components to a website:


    Domain Name

    Your first step is to find a domain name, this is your identifier so that anyone can find you on the internet; for example is our domain name! Let us know what you you have in mind and we will make recommendations that work.


    Next you will need to a place to store your website, this is called Web Hosting and can support custom email accounts, websites and many more features. Let Us know what you need and we will recomend a plan to suit.

    Website Design

    Lastley you will need someone to design and build your website, Netlock offers website design support. However we will support any designer for your hosting package, Let us know who is building your site and we will make sure every is up and running in no time!

  • Do I Need A Phone Line To Get Internet?Open or Close

    In most circumstances a phone line is required as a carrier service to get ADSL, ADSL 2+ or internet into your home and/or business. However with the introduction onf the NBN network this is no longer the case, if you are in an area that NBN is installed in or is currently being installed in you do not require a phone line for high speed internet! Contact us now to get setup on the NBN network and have a quick read of our NBN blog post for further information Here

  • I Need A Phone But I Have NBN?Open or Close

    With the instillation of the NBN network older traditional telephone services will cease to work! Don't worry as newer IP, SIP and VOIP Phones are being rolled out across the network to facilitate your telephone and landline needs. With the new phone system you will be able to :  

     - Make and receive calls as per normal
     - Retain your existing Phone number
     - Decrease your telephone excess and bills
     - Call International cheaper then ever before! 

    Still have questions? or would like some prices on a new phone plan Contact us now!

  • I Have A Bundle With A Different Provider But I Want To Transfer Over?Open or Close

    Its fairly common for your existing services to be supplied and managed by one or several providers.

    First step in transferring your services across to Netlock is to contact us.

    Let us know what services you currently have and wish to transfer over and we will be able to assist with every step of the process. 

    If you have any questions regarding Bundles or group discounts! Call us now and let us know what we can do for you!